Medicine Question 5 or 6


Timing = 24 mins

Length = 3-4 paragraphs

This question is the most important one of all because it’s worth the most marks (19 in total)This question will make a bold statement about something to do with medicine. The expectation is that you will explore the statement, plus look at at least 2 other alternatives to the statement. Remember there are also three marks available for SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar)

You must:

  1. Consider more than one side of the argument
  2. Use specific details to support your arguments/points you are making
  3. Stay focused on the question by linking back clearly at the end of every paragraph
  4. Include a factor or information that is NOT from the bullet points
  5. Make a judgment (actually answer the question)

Useful vocabulary = The statement can be challenged because… However… on the other hand… Alternatively… There are other factors to consider… The main three elements to take into consideration are… Opposing the statement is the fact that… In opposition to the previous argument… In support of the assertion…