Medicine Question 2

QUESTION 2: DESCRIBE: 6 marks (choice of two topics)

Timing = 9 mins

Length = 1 paragraph

This question is asking you to identify key features of something and then describe them in as much specific detail as possible. Don’t spend too long on this question as it isn’t worth a lot of marks. You could leave it until last for that very reason. Better to answer a low skill question such as describe when you are less alert at the end of the exam.

You must:

  1. Write as much as you can about one of the topics
  2. Include specific examples/details as much as possible
  3. Don’t go over the time allocated to the question (Use less – if poss answer in 5 mins!)

Useful vocabulary = For example… Specifically… A key feature was… A main element of this was… Something significant about X was…