Medicine Question 1


Timing = 12 mins

Length = 1-2 paragraphs

You will be given TWO sources to read/look at. One will be from an earlier time period and the second will be from a more recent time period. The idea is that you will be able to infer what has changed between the two eras about a particular aspect of medicine.

You must:

  1. Refer to both sources (quote from a written source/describe something specific you can see in a picture source)
  2. Make inferences about change (or continuity, but it will most likely be change)
  3. Include your own knowledge/additional knowledge about at least one of the two time periods represented by the sources

Useful Vocabulary = One of the changes between the two time periods was…. One aspect that changed from Source A to Source B was… An element of change that can be seen between the sources is… Source A says X, whereas Source B says X showing that there was a change in X between the different eras… In addition to the information in the sources… The context of source A is… Both sources suggest that a major change was…